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1 a funeral procession
2 the group following and attending to some important person [syn: retinue, suite, entourage]

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From French cortège.


  • /kɔɹˈtɛʒ/


  1. A ceremonial procession, especially for a wedding or funeral or following a king.
    • 1660: Samuel Pepys, Diary - Upon the morrow after their marriage, the bride and bridegroom perambulate the streets, followed by a numerous cortege, the guests at the wedding festival, two and two...

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attendance, attendant, body of retainers, burial, burial at sea, burying, caravan, cavalcade, cohort, column, court, dead march, deep six, dirge, dress parade, entourage, flyover, follower, following, funeral, funeral procession, last post, line, march past, motorcade, muffled drum, mule train, pack train, parade, parasite, pomp, procession, promenade, retinue, review, rout, satellite, skimmington, stream, string, suite, taps, train
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